Excellence Awards

The 2013 Awards

Thank-you to the judging panel who had a very difficult job with such an array of Victorian talent in blended learning!

1. The teacher demonstrating greatest innovation through integration of video conferencing into their own blended learning classroom: Bryn Hills

2. The teacher demonstrating greatest innovation facilitating student learning beyond their own classroom through the integration of video conferecing into blended learning: Peta Ikeda

Our other wonderful semi-finalists:

  • Maxine Wright
  • Helena Anggraeni
  • Brandi Galpin
  • Shingo Gibson-Suzuki

In 2012 we began an Excellence Awards program that recognised teachers undertaking blended learning in their own classrooms, schools and beyond.  We are pleased to have Microsoft sponsor one of the awards this year.  Nominations are invited by teacher currently employed in Victoria by DEECD. Work undertaken in 2013 will be considered.

Download your application here: Award 2013

The 2012 Winners were:

2012  Polycom Teaching Excellence Awards – Victoria

  1. WINNER  – Award ONE   Alistair Lethlean from Ballarat High School
  2. WINNER  – Award TWO  Valerie Lobry – Ararat College
Al – Day One teaching percusion through virtual delivery
Valerie – virtual delivery of French to 7 schools
  1. Innovation Award – David Staehr (VCE Kaniva College)
  2. Literary  Encouragement Award  – Natasha Burn from Ouyen P-12 College

Honourable Mentions

  1. Abby Schultz – Dimboola Memorial College
  2. Johanne Reyntjes – Buninyong Primary School
  3. Cheryl Bottrell – VCE Red Cliff Secondary College
  4. Cameron Stow – VCE Hopetoun P-12
  5. Kathryn Hilder – VCE Heywood & District Secondary College

And the Encouragement Awards went to:

  1. Shingo Gibson Suzuki – Taylors Lakes Secondary College
  2. Santi Sherry  – Lara Secondary College.

Santi – virtual delivery of Indonesian language


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